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Group of sharing on the world of gobies

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Freshwater Gobies

Group of sharing on the world of gobies

Freshwater Gobies

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Freshwater Gobies

Forum for aquarists of the world who want to share their knowledge on the freshwater gobies.

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    Hello from Iowa, USA

    Mr Riffles

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    Hello from Iowa, USA Empty Hello from Iowa, USA

    Post  Mr Riffles Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:13 pm

    I'd like to thank Laurent for accepting me and to intorduce myself to this group. My name is Ken Glackin and I have been keeping fish nearly all of my life. I bred and raised many livebearers in my early years then around 1980 I started breeding egglayers, annobantoides to be exact. I have since bred and raised numerous varieties of cichlids, rainbowfish, gobies/gudgeons, Seahorses, etc. I have most recently been working with North American Darters (Etheostoma sp. and Percina Sp.)
    Not quite a month ago I was given a group of Mogurnda Cingulata and a trio of Tateurndina ocellicauda from a person who was moving back from the states to Austrailia. Since then I have been fortunate enough to breed the M. Cingulata and am in the process of raising @ 60 fry.
    At present my fishroom uses a central filtration system. The filter, an algae scrubber that I built employs a dump bucket and has a surface area for algae growth of 122 cm X 46 cm. My pump moves 22712.47 lph. (I hope that is the correct conversion for 6000 gph)
    In 1986 I received my Master Breeders award from The Federation of American Aquarium Societies, and was president of The Eastern Iowa Aquarium Society for two years, a representative of Marine Aquarium Societies (M.A.A.S.)1995-97 and am presntly a member of North American Native Fish Association (NANFA).
    My other interests that have expanded from fishkeeping are raising live foods and aquatic plants, conservation and environmental issues around the globe.
    I hope to get the opportunity to share information with each of you at some point in the near future.

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    Hello from Iowa, USA Empty Re: Hello from Iowa, USA

    Post  tyrano34 Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:53 am

    Welcome to the forum, I present myself laurent and I live in the south of France.

    I am the webmaster of the french forum "aqualifestyle-France", so you will forgive me for my sins.

    Here now 5 years that I am sharing my passion on many forums aquaristic in the world.

    And I noticed one thing that we all a defect, this is the lack of communication.

    That's why I created this forum to advance the care gobies because our fish suffer and will disappear in their habitat if we do nothing.

    you are a responsible aquarist mostly because you love animals.

    Welcome my friend on the forum, I need your help on the Etheostoma.

    Bye tyty

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