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    54l fast flowing river tank


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    54l fast flowing river tank Empty 54l fast flowing river tank

    Post  Noshalot on Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:37 pm

    Photo or video of the tank in full :  

    Date (days, months and numbers) from the beginning of the aquarium :  12 days



    Size & volume of the tank (liters) :  60cm x 31 x 38 (54l)

    Biotope type desired :   fast flowing river

    Total power filter in the aquarium :       JBL Cristal Profi e701 external and Eheim Biopower pump

    Presentation of filters, power / flow (l / h) :    700l/hr filter and 650 l/hr powerhead

    Type of filter Media for each filter :     sponges and JBL ceramic rings

    How you arrange your filter media from top to bottom :    sponges creamic rings

    How do you clean your filter media :     squeeze out the sponges in old tank water

    What are the periods of cleaning of each filter :    every fortnight I plan to rinse half the sponges on a rotational basis

    Type, power, light duration :     20w PL5 flourescent tube.  I have it on for 10 hours to encourage algae growth

    Other accessories :     heater set a 20c


    WATER :

    Frequency and quantity of water changes :   weekly 30 - 50%

    How you preparation water :    add Kordom amquel+

    Temperature :     24c even though heater is set at 20c

    Diffusion CO2 :   No

    PH :    6.5
    KH :
    GH :
    Nitrate no3 :   0
    Nitrite no2 :   0

    Other tests :



    Current Population :    4 stiphodon atropurpureus and a few Malaysian Trumpet  and ranshorn snails

    Photo of the fish or invertebrate of your aquarium (photo by species):

    54l fast flowing river tank 2013-07-02204908
    54l fast flowing river tank 2013-07-02205200
    54l fast flowing river tank 2013-07-02205253
    54l fast flowing river tank 2013-07-02205308

    fish or invertebrate killed since the beginning of your aquarium :    None

    Food type and quantity :    Hikari algae wafers, spirulana tablets,  but getting more food for them next week



    Type of sand :     Tesco Play sand

    Existing plants :     cyperus helferi, java fern windelov

    Photo of your plants, a photo by species :

    Plants died since the beginning of the aquarium :    none

    Soil nutrient :    API fertiliser tabs

    Fertilization :

    Decorations :    fine gravel, smooth pebbles and mopani roots

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    54l fast flowing river tank Empty Re: 54l fast flowing river tank

    Post  tyrano34 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:26 am

    Thank you for your sharing, I have a little doubt about the identification of your fish, you can please created a topic here to show us your fish.

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