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    Stiphodon a algae eater, yes, but ...


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    Stiphodon a algae eater, yes, but ... Empty Stiphodon a algae eater, yes, but ...

    Post  tyrano34 Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:46 am

    Yes the Stiphodon is a small goby that eats several types of algae.
    Green algae and filamentous algae, brown algae and diatoms ...

    The evening[

    Stiphodon a algae eater, yes, but ... Stiphodonalgue
    The next morning

    Amazing how the stiphodon quickly cleans the stone and on the video below you can see that also cleans plants.

    Source Polish site:

    For you, this is fish extraordinary that cleans your aquariums and after you, you think it will live long.
    Well no, have fun searching topics on Stiphodon dead, you will see that people are not aware maintain them.
    The Stiphodon, yes it is a algae eater, but he will eat what when he will not have algae in your aquarium.

    You are going to add algae for him afford to eat?
    One thing you should know, algae are always present in your aquariums and when your Stiphodon are dead, they will reappear.
    And you kill a fish or of fishes for anything, especially the Stiphodon is a fish in great danger, all the species of Stiphodon are of wild fishes.

    You must know that in the world there are responsible aquarists who love this passion and especially fish. If you are aware that Stiphodon is in danger and you want to offer the best maintenance in a specific aquarium while having a marine aquarium inhabited by zooplankton to as well feed the fry and why not be the first aquarist in the world to reproduce the Stiphodon and share this knowledge.

    So I say a big yes! You can maintain the Stiphodon.
    And most importantly, do not forget about talk the habitat of these fish that is in great danger
    I beg you, you that have an algae problem, do not participate in the disappearance of this species let this maintenance at of aquarists responsible who will do everything to reproduce this species. The aquaristic this is of the logic, search why you have this algae problem and ask for help from passionnate and especially do not use fish to solve a problem that will not even be solved.

    Thank you for reading and if you need advice, enjoy the forums that are available and ask your questions, you are welcome on


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